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For their own amusement, they had recently removed one letter from the firm’s and had made business cards with A.S.S. on them. They were chucklers, they were assholes. They called me The Turtle.
Then Turtle-Man.
Then Yertle.
Then Yentl. Then Lentil.
Finally they went back to Turtle.

[ Dave Eggers: How We Are Hungry ]

  1. awesomeblurry 17/07/200517:20

    yesyes, I liked that part. How are you enjoying the book?

  2. rabatjoie 16/10/200800:06

    I do enjoy the book, but the question I’ve been asking myself is whether this is all « just » « some » stories or whether there is something more to it. I’m always looking for some allegorical meaning and so on… I just have the impression sometimes (with many contemporary american authors) that there is « just » the story, i.e. nothing much else going on. This feeling that something is lacking comes from reading Pynchon, I guess. I’m looking for a certain uncomprehensbility of the text or a feeling of uneasiness that it creates. A good example for this would be, for example, the Kafka short story « In the punishment colony ».

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