— rabatjoie

juin 2005

so picture yourself at the white horse
picture yourself among the beautiful
and picture yourself alive

Erase Errata

What the hell am I
doing drinking in [name of city]
at twenty-six?

sums it up pretty well.

But… but… I’m an intellectual too, n’est-ce pas?

How characterless they looked: Shuley without his deep unbuttoned collar, Ennis without his scarlet belt with the snaky clasp, and Conolly without his Norfolk coat with the flapless sidepockets! It was a pain to see them, and a swordlike pain to see the signs of adolescence that made repellent their pitiable nakedness. Perhaps they had taken refuge in number and noise from the secret dread in their souls. But he, apart from them and in silence, remembered in what dread he stood of the mystery of his own body.

Click, went Teflon’s Leica.

Adopted habits as remnants of relationships: Brushing one’s teeth while taking a shower.

Ulysses for dummies

[ via exdirk ]

Baby Genius
look how you’ve grown
where do you go from here?
Didn’t we have some good times
after all that’s said and done?

small body and small mind
big head and big headaches
my back is broken
Baby Genius
find a new ride

[ Eels ]

They ride the Metro for the first time. They can’t figure out the mechanism. You open the door for them. They say:


Oh, and by the way: