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  1. rich 27/09/200512:19

    „there’s no such thing as ‚culture'“
    even if it IS only good for cocktail parties, it is INCUMBENT on your prof to explain the difference, if he can. Although distinguishing between early and late Foucault seems fraught with complicated historiographic research programs – and the basis for a PhD program in Philosophy perhaps, it is an important intellectual exercise. Though I believe the difference lies in why Foucault cruised leather bars in San Francisco in the seventies looking for dick. it all hinges on the ability of a room full of hipster girls to understand why such moments are riddled with post structural moments, as well as with contradictions latent in other less heterotopic, structural ones.

  2. awesomeblurry 16/10/200800:06

    But it’s no use, really. I sat off to the side of the room and watched a girl in the front row browse eBay on her laptop.

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