— rabatjoie


And the power’s out
in the heart of man

Email addresses that are sure to be misspelled when written down drunk.

My film is not a movie.
My film is not about Vietnam.
It is Vietnam.
It’s what it was really like.
It was crazy.
And the way we made it was very much like the Americans were in Vietnam.
We were in the Jungle.
There were too many of us.
We had access to too much money,
too much equipment.
And litte by litte, we went insane.

[ Francis Ford Coppola, Cannes 1979 ]

let’s live
in the

Jenny Woolworth


These domestic disasters are dynastic.

[ Ibid. ]

The point is that you shouldn’t think that you miraculously have to become a beatnik or a bohemian or a hippie to elude the trammels of convention. Successfully doing so doesn’t require exaggerations of conduct or oddities of dress that are alien to your temperament and your upbringing. Not at all.

Philip Roth: The Dying Animal